Feb 28, 2014

The Outpost's Zombie Stopper

There is danger in the region.
Many dead men.
Chasin' survivors.

Firing before asking.
Ammunition becomes scarce.
Noisy business.
Risky business.

Working 'round the farm is gettin' difficult.
Close encounters.
Too much too frequent.

New weapons are required.
New tactics developed.
Danger sharpens the mind.

Came up with something new.
Something light.
Something simple.
Something deadly accurate.

Spread the word around.

Whuha from the outpost.

Nov 28, 2013


WASP - Wild Appealing Survival Point

Call it a pendant, kunai, skinner or arrowhead. This is maybe the smallest hottest tool you've ever had.

Tempered carbon steel.

Will be turned into production. Soon.

Olive dreamcatcher

'Natural elbow dreamcatcher' - made from one single olive elbow, sliced & reassembled.

Sep 24, 2012

GROL axe

GROL - granite&olive stone age axe
Made with modern tools with a pebble from Brittany (the French, not the British) and an almost wasted piece of olive wood.
Oiled, as usual.

May 23, 2012

Grany Smash

Before the Stone Age, there was the Wood Age! This club - my favourite mosquito smasher - is made from apple tree root, soaked in lineseed oil.
Quite effective...

May 16, 2012


D.A.R.C. - Defence Attack Rescue Claw

Call it a neck-knife, call it a survival tool, call it too dangerous to carry it without a sheat around your neck.
This carbon steel beauty is made from what was left of a machete I cut down to build another knife. Never waste anything: survival spirit!
Build to free yourself, to defend, rescue, survive or attack. Or to simply open a beer bottle - called 'urban survival' in Belgium ;-)

Weight: 72 g - 2.54 oz
Overall length: 11.5 cm - 4.5 "
Maximal widt: 5 cm - 2 "
Thickness: 0.3 cm - 0.12 "

Want the pdf-template? Click here!

May 6, 2012

Bacchus' Calumet

Bacchus? Someone wise told me this god would surely like this calumet I made for a friend of mine. Since I don't have any pottery or stone-carving skills and I love the combination of metal & wood I decided to make the pipe-head out of iron. The handle is olive.
Use this link to see how you can make one your own.
Overall length: 90 cm (2.95 feet)
Weight: 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs)